Am I falling in love?

Hi everyone. I'm writing this because I start to think that I'm having a breakdown or falling in love. I have a relationship for 3 years. We are totally different from each other. I'm introvert, shy person however he is really friendly, talkative, has so many skills. So all of these became a problem. I got jealous and he hated it, and we have so many fights. I am the one always apologising, always blamed. Now it looks like I am making excuses but I don't know. When we have sex, I don't like it anymore. I don't want to kiss him or hug him but when he feels sorry this also makes me both angry at myself and guilty. I know the other guy for 1 year. We talk about 1-2 months. I don't see strong signs from him either but I wait him during lunch hours just to see him for a moment, thinking about him all the time, looking at his photos, getting jealous of him when he talks with another girl etc. Basically I want to be with him all the time but again sexuality is not a problem. When I am with my boyfriend, he forces me. Today I talked to him a little about how I feel-not mention the guy-but he wanted to have sex with me, keeps hugging or kissing me. I got bored. I don't know want to do anymore. Please help. Is it because I am falling in love with someone else? Or is it about our fights? By the way, I am going to study abroad for the first time in my life and this is something that makes me sooo nervous. Am I going to be able to go back normal? Or should I break up with him?


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  • Would you do anything for that person?

    • May be when I know the feelings are mutual.

    • They you might be in love.

      When you know you would do anything for that person, you know you're fucked.

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