He blocked me but I don't understand why - he barely uses that account?

Long story short, my crush broke off his friendship with me (I think after realizing he couldn't be with me - I hope that was the reason, God willing). Then he made attempts to be "friendly acquaintances" but it seemed really strained. And then I got a job across the country and he even said good for you congrats blah blah (he had always been like don't leave me/if you ever leave I won't be able to function for like a week). But after that I don't think I heard from him. Except he and his bro helped me move out and he wouldn't even look at me when he left but while we were moving stuff I caught him staring at me in the mirror (as he grumpily sat there and blasted sad songs - the guy listens to rap and he was playing "can't fight the moonlight").
I left - flew 3000 miles - and realized a week or so later he had unfriended me on Facebook. Then tonight I realized he had blocked me on Instagram. I don't even look at his Instagram and he seems to barely use it (has 6 posts). Why go to the trouble of blocking me there? It really hurt. Any advice appreciated.


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  • People who block people, are immature assholes. Why bother with him?

    • I have no plans to contact him but I'm trying to understand why he would do that. Facebook I get. Apparently if you block someone on Instagram you also can't see their photos so maybe he just doesn't want to be reminded of me

    • I'm just sayin', don't make a big deal out of it. I mean, at least he wasn't an anonymous douche doing it, like people on here do

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  • Some of it is to message you with a revenge hurt you back thing or two, of course BUT
    most of these withdrawls is POUTING in action.
    e. g. kids gets picked up from school 2 hours late with "I forgot"
    has his anticipation looking for parent change to not speaking to anyone upon pickup

    + it's damn hard to look through the diner window at your favorite meal, from which you are banned forever more

    Sweety, you REALLY need to spend the money on travel & hotel 3-day/more weekend and invite this guy to spend it with you naked in his home town... so many GAG-Qs on this, so much mental time pining over it...

    • This is not the barista by the way and being banned from your favorite meal - sigh

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  • He wants to cut the tie between you two, you're 3000 miles apart after all.

  • I think he likes you.


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  • when i block someone its either:
    a) they're creepy and/or stalkery
    b) i really like them, can't have them and need to get over them by getting them out of my life

  • I think he likes you. I know the guy I like that I'm 99% sure likes me back, won't let me on his social media. And he told me yesterday to stay hush hush about it cause he don't want a lot of followers. It's for the better that you are blocked. Just like same with me. It's social media it means nothing. And if he don't use it he don't want you to maybe message him or something and he not get it for like 10 months later.


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