At what point is it acceptable to contact your ex for a hookup?

I don't want to get back together. .. just want to have sex with him.
We broke up 2 weeks ago, not on very good terms, but it was actually a month ago that we had a fight and stopped seeing each other. So we haven't seen each other /had sex since then, even though it was 2 weeks ago that we broke up.

I don't know how he would respond. ... who doesn't want sex? Unless he is still mad or dislikes me that much. Is it too soon, and how should I approach the subject - just come out and say it? I don't want any small talk and neither will he.


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  • I don't think there's a set time

    • I don't want to do something too soon. ..

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    • I still have my dignity

    • We all have sexual needs and I've never understood all the restrictions we place on ourselves to not do it

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