Could you list all of the reasons you would have for potentially breaking up with someone?

For example, this is my list:

cheating, intentionally deceit, insulting me harshly, overreacting in an argument to the point of yelling and screaming, emotional detachment (or giving me the "cold shoulder"), my emotional, or sexual needs are not being met (purposely), an apparent lack of care or concern for me on her part, etc. etc.

so what is your list?

I just wanna know, so that i can avoid these things in future relationships. Thanks!


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  • Cheating, if he isn't willing to communicate with me, not being supportive or not caring about what is going on in my life, lack of interest from one or both sides, trying to change me, being manipulative, pressuring me, not being kind to me or to others, frequent rudeness, not accepting of me, hiding me from his friends and family, not trusting me...

    Also, sometimes one or both partners change as life goes on, and they just aren't what the other needs anymore. If I feel I am becoming useless to someone, I wouldn't want to stay in their life.

    • "Not trusting me" seems to be a popular answer for women. Nit necessarily on this question, but I've gotten that answer from several different people I've asked irl.

      I personally don't understand this one. Most girls think that if a guy is jealous that it automatically means that they don't trust her. But i don't think like that. If my girlfriend was frequently jealous, i wouldn't accuse her of not trusting me, and even if it seemed so, i wouldn't care. I would just comfort her and reassure her as best i can. But most girls seem to be very unforgiving of jealousy. Thoughts?

    • Mmhh, trust is about a lot more than situations where someone is jealous. That's only a very small part of it for me. I need someone who trusts me with their true self. Like... when the relationship gets serious, I need someone who trusts me with all of the things they don't tell other people, who trusts me to be there for them, who knows that I've got their back. Of course I need them to trust me in situations where they might be jealous, but I wouldn't be angry at their jealousy unless it made them accuse me of being unfaithful.

      Trust to me is mostly this: Trust that I will not intentionally hurt them with anything they tell me, in anything that I do, etc.

      Does that make sense?

    • Yeah it does, thank you for elaborating. I am more than capable of trusting my (hypothetical) girlfriend with my feelings and secrets and such. Also, i have never accused my exes of being unfaithful. But i do get jealous easily, and even though i handled the situation calmly and non accusatively, they would all flip out and claim that i don't trust them. I've always wondered why this was.

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