Boyfriend jokes when I told him that I don't want the relationship anymore?

Today on the phone I told him that I don't want to see him again. It is a new relationship and he basically calls me when he wants to see me. I feel like he wants sex only. Overall I don't trust anything about him and the fact that he said no I can't leave him because I love him makes me angry. I am not in love. Overall I feel like this is more of sex for him and I want relationship. How can I tell him to back off and that I am serious.


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  • You tell him you are done, when he laughs, you tell him you are serious and that you'd like to exit the relationship without bad feelings. If he continues to dismiss you, tell him you are done talking and that he should no longer contact you.

    Basically, for every time he ignores you reassert your position. Lastly, if he continues then tell him you are going to hang up on him. Then if needs be hang up and ghost.

    • Basically we see each other every time. I don't know how to avoid him

    • He's treating you with disrespect. Don't allow it to continue.

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  • Cut him off completely. It s easy as that. He will get the point you were serious when you told him you no longer want to be in contact with him. And yes, actions do always speak louder than words so stop talking to him if this is what you really want. It s your right and you don t need to explain yourself over and over again.


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  • I think you just did. I would stop taking his calls and just disappear from his life. If he asks what happened, just tell him you already told him you were not interested

    • Yeah avoiding him is a problem. We see each other every time

    • The just reiterate that you are done with the relationship

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