Best way to get over someone?

I have just split with someone who I thought could have been the one but due to circumstances it could not be.

All I want to do is try and get over her but I can't stop thinking about her and its driving me crazy!

1) Is it better to take a break from women completely?

2) Or is it better to sleep around a lot to try and get past her?


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  • Please, please don't sleep around. You need to have some self respect. Really, you are hurting not only the other person, but yourself as well. Imagine if something were to happen, like the girl really likes you but you don't feel anything for her because you were "on a mission to get over someone" you're gonna feel so horrible! Don't do it please, you don't wanna be that guy. And it also brings a lot of consequences which I bet you're old enough to know what they are. So respect yourself first, don't hurt yourself or others. Take a break from women and meanwhile you'll grow as a person and you'll be a stronger, more mature young man. Just don't sleep around =]

    • BTW, if she really meant a lot to you and you truly loved her like you said you thought she was "The One". Then she will always stay in your heart. So, think about it, sleeping with numerous girls is a dumb way to go.Taking a break from dating is smarter. I'm trying to convince you not to sleep around haha sorry, It's just that I know there's smarter guys out there.

    • Your right I wrote this question when I was in a bad place after talking with her again last night and all the feeling came back.

      We are staying friends and we have wished each other the best life for each other.

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  • If the break up was not bitter or she did not cheat, but it was because it did not work out, the best way to get over it is to wish her best in her life and genuinely want her to lead a happy life.

    • Already wished her all the best and we have chatted about it being the right thing, I am sure she will lead a happy life!

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