Am I reading too much into this with my ex?

We went on a break 7 weeks ago but after 3 weeks he decided he didn't want to come bk to our family home to be with me and our son. A week after his decision he started seeing our son a lot more which i was glad about but now he's been different towards me i mean weve always still acted the same as when we was together. Friday he messaged me asking if i wanted to meet for a coffee with our son and buy some stuff for him we ended up going for a drink aswell and he was saying he's glad we can get on etc but we were talking about good times we had too then today I've had a message saying to go for a drink with our son and he's going to pay for a takeaway later. Is he just glad were friends and can hang out or is he rethinking his decision? I dont want to ask him to look like an idiot and get knocked back again. HELP


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  • My ex husband and I decided we were better as friends than husband and wife. Since we split, we remain the closest of friends and do everything we can to show our daughter that we both support her, together. We do holidays together with her, are in contact a lot, and are always friendly in interactions.

    Your ex sounds like he is taking a mature approach to a difficult situation. You need to encourage him to continue this path. It is much better when a couple can remain friends for the sake of the kid.

    Don't read a lot into it, not yet anyway. Just accept that he is choosing friendship and a relaxed approach to a very hard situation.

    • Thanks i just find it hard as i still love & miss him as its only been 7weeks so not even got used to us being seperated let alone then be like this. I dont know how i will tell the difference between him being friends & maybe wanting to try again

    • Just guard your heart right now, and assume he's being friendly until he makes it apparent he wants more.

    • Thankyou ill try

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