Do I Forgive My Ex?

My ex Boyfriend of 1 and half years, broke up with me last New Years at a New Years party when drunk we worked through it and got back together (big mistake) everything seemed to be going well up until a month ago where he broke up with me again at a party that was being held at my house when drunk. He had feelings for his girl bestfriend whilst we were dating after telling me that I was being stupid for being unhappy with them hanging out late at night as they watched movies and tv series I till 1am every week he'd go over there without telling me too, he wouldn't make changes to make our relationship work and told me that he's taking no responsibility for us breaking up because it was completely my fault for asking to much of him when all I asked was for him to not hang out so late at night. He recently came up to me at our mutual friends party and told me he has been thinking a lot about our relationship and that he's really sorry for what he did to me and that he's making big changes in his life, why would he tell me this? It doesn't benefit me now? Is he just trying to make himself feel better? Why would he change his mind on it being my fault? He blamed me for it for a whole year and a half! Help!


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  • It's a ploy to get back with you and I think it's just for sexual reasons. Things might not be going well with him and his "friend"

    • I thought the same but then he later said I think we can both agree that ship has sailed.

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  • You ve posted before on a different thread didn't you? However he dumped you twice and you are still asking yourself if you should forgive him? Don't want to be harsh on you but stop being his doormat. Respect yourself more and give yourself the chance to meet somebody who will treat you better than your ex did. Actions speak louder than words. Move on and find a guy who will really care for you and treat you with the respect that every human being should be treated with.

    • No no I need harsh it's exactly what I'm after! I'm not at all being his door mat though. It's over and it's DEFINITLY staying that way. We have mutual friends though so I have to see him when my friends organise events, he approached me with this and constantly brings up the relationship when I see him, I'm always pleasant to avoid making my friends feel uncomfortable. I don't want to be friends with him I don't believe a word he says but I feel like I'm putting my friends and myself in a bad situation if I don't "forgive" him. I've been in that situation I would be putting my friends in and it's not fair.

    • I understand what you say but if they truly are your friends they should understand you have been hurt by him and they can't expect you to be real friends with your ex at least not for now. You can be polite but extremely brief with him or even better avoid for a while the places he's going as well. The less you see him and hear from him the better your recovery will go. You can even ask your friends to avoid letting you know about what he's doing simply because it shouldn't matter anymore to you. He is out of your life and that is because he wanted so. If you really want to move on and forget about him take all the measures needed until all you will feel for your ex will be indiference. And the more time will pass by the more you will realise what an ass he is☺

    • Plus it s your right to chose if you want and can forgive him and not to feel forced into having to do it. You know what you have been trough and not somebody else and you will forgive him on your own time. I see relationships as contracts and once one of the 2 parties choses to break it then they lose the rights they previously had. A bit of selfishness is good for our own mental and psychical sake.

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