What does it mean when someone cheats?

What do you think it says about the person & a person's relationship when they cheat on their significant other? Is it just for fun and/or is it a sign that they don't love their significant other? I'd like to hear from those who have cheated & those who haven't on what you think it says about a man or woman when they cheat. Feel free to answer the poll and explain further -- be specific!

  • Cheater doesn't love their significant other
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  • Its just something new, fun & different
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  • Boredom
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  • Have true feelings for someone else
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, I never cheated on anyone, but here's what I think: I think guys cheat mainly when other women throw themselves at them and are willing to easily give themselves up to them. Like my mother said, a girl who's so quick to give it up is like putting beer and pizza in front of a guy, and most of them will go for it. As for women who cheat, it could be to get revenge on their significant other, or because they feel something lacking in the relationship, like they don't feel like they're getting enough attention or love. That's just my thoughts on it, though, and I'm not entirely sure how true what I'm saying is.

    • I agree with some of what you wrote. Especially, that a woman cheats when something is lacking in their relationship. But...I guess I don't agree with hearing that men only cheat when they have the opportunity. A few men I know who have cheated told me they did so because they didn't feel appreciated by their significant other. So, maybe it is just the availability of a girl (at times) but I sincerely believe that men can also cheat when they are lacking something in their relationship.

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What Guys Said 1

  • I believe when a man or woman cheats its because they are not true with themselves or their partners. Nevertheless, its not that they don't love you, its just that they don't truly love you enough to be with you and nobody else but you. I guess it leaves them in curiousty to know if they can have someone else and get away with it, but sooner or later karma one way or another comes around. A cheater is not good for you or your life, and a true lover is great for you...and the rest of your life. ^_^


What Girls Said 1

  • Good points made but I think, for some guys anyway, that it's an ego thing. That they need more in order to feel important. I don't necessarily think that it means they don't love you, they just don't love themselves very much. Though I have known guys that are just easy and don't want to commit. Those are the scary ones, they ones that will try and tell you what they want to hear while they have their hand up the skirt of the lady behind you! Whatever the reasons...I don't think the one who's been cheated on should take it personal. I think we have less to do with it than they do. Best wishes. Cheers!


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