Do guys break their own rule of no contact with exes?

For all those guys out their who initiated the break up and wanted to cut contact with their ex, have you ever broken your own rule of no contact because you miss your ex? What is the situation, Do you still miss them? how long was it after the break up that you contacted? and did you contact to get back together or just to find out how she was?


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  • Well in my opinion as a 25 year old guy is of course but only if we truly cared about her. I broke up with a girl I was with for 6 years because when we first started dating she kinda of emotionally and morally cheated on me all the time, which in return p*ssed me off but I did nothing for years...until someone was giving me all kinds of attention and I wanted to "get her back" to show her she was not the only one that people wanted to sleep with. come on we should all know by now sex is sex and just because I'll do you doesn't mean I want you as my girl. same with some women. Anyways I ended up dumping the girl I left her for and started calling her back because I realized I was still in love with her I was just hurt and wanted to get even. So now we are back together and its been 8 years for us except the 4 month breakup when I left her for the girl that was giving me all the attention. So yes we most deffinately will, but I would think only if the guy actually loves her tho.

    • Was there any contact during your 4 months apart?

  • My experience does not reflect others but

    In both cases the girl chose to be with another guy over me. One went back to her ex, the other some other guy. I cut off all contact with both. One it's been about 8 months, another it's been about 3 weeks. I have not contacted any of them. Just because I miss them, doesn't mean that I want them to be a part of my life anymore. In the back of my mind I'm just afraid of breaking my own rule as I am them contacting me first.

    • Have you ever thought that your fear could be a problem? So are you saying that your rule is that they have to contact you first?, I'm not sure there. Just wondering then what if both of you are just waiting for the other to make the first move?

    • My fear is that they will contact me and I am afraid that I will go back to them like an idiot. I am actually not waiting for them to contact me because I don't want them in my life. I am afraid that well they will hurt me again but also afraid that I will go back to being under their control. My rule is I hope they don't contact me so it doesn't mess with my head.

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