What do you do with an ex's possessions?

Not everyone takes the same approach after a break up, particularly a painful one. Some people hang on to their ex's belongings in the hope of a reconsile or as an excuse to talk to the ex, others give it back straight away and some keep it forever as a trophy.

Okay, so if the break up is reasonably pleasant I give them their things straight away so there's nothing lingering and no reason to talk or see eachother.

What do you do with an ex's possessions?

However, when I've been cheated on, dumped for rubbish reasons or the guy has just been a down right idiot then I burn it. Me and my friends have a bonfire, chuck the stuff on and high five and sing whilst we toast marshmellows on the flames fuelled by our ex's smouldering belongings.

What do you do with an ex's possessions?

Any half decent bits I sell on eBay. Ex's will ask me months.. or even years later for their stuff and I never dignify them with an answer.

What do you do with an ex's possessions?

I keep special notes, letters and sometimes photos, I put them in a box, I don't look at them but I keep them so it's there if I do want to reminisce. I also keep them to show my daughter when she's older as the men involved all played a part in my life, good or bad and I'd like her to know about my life growing up.

So what's your protocol for the ex's belongings?
  • Give it back immediately
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  • Give it back... at some point
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  • Keep it for a while then bin it
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  • Treasure it forever
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  • Sell it
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  • Kill it with fire
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  • Other destructive method (please specify)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • After my first boyfriend and I broke up, I had 3 of his hoodies, over 50 notes from him (as we wrote notes to each other, some mutlitple pages long) a bear he gave me, two necklaces, his cologne, a pillow he made from class and a cool weave thing from the same class. this is what I did,
    -gave one hoodie back
    -burnt the other two
    -burnt every single note one at a time
    -threw one necklace away
    -gave the other to a friend
    -burnt the teddy bear
    -gave his cologne to my dad
    -let my dog chew up the pillow
    -burnt the weave

    • Burning is the way to go 😘

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    • Yeah it is really pretty. Well at least we both know for next time 😉

    • haha if there ever is a next time for me xD

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  • I tell them to come get their things or send me the money to ship it by x date or it goes in the trash or to goodwill.

  • I burned all my ex's stuff. But first I asked him I he wanted it back and when he said no, I set it all on fire. Along with the little "promise" ring and everything else.

  • I gave some of his stuff back, until he moved. Then I lost contact and kept his movies but gave away some stuff to Goodwill. I was actually carrying a few things (like a big jacket and a blanket, I washed both) and saw this homeless guy. So I gave it to him.


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