What would you change in your previous relationship?

If you could only change 1 thing from your previous relationship what would it be? Only 1 thing though.

I would have changed the amount of attention i gave her and i would be more focused on her.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I would have not entered into the relationship and I would have used 2 years of my life in a better way. But we can t change what was done we can only learn from our mistakes.

    • Exactly what's done is done but now you know for next time!

Most Helpful Guy

  • I would have listen to her and not let my son mom get to me to cause the break up of our relationship.


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What Girls Said 2

  • I would have encouraged him to take the job instead of going overseas for grad school.

    • Hmm you should have encouraged him to do so. But if his dream or goal was to go overseas for grad school then you did the right thing by letting him follow his dreams.

    • He would have dumped me regardless, I think. Not meant to be.

    • Maybe. Maybe not. You never know but its all good. At least you didn't stop him.

  • I would have left him sooner. He treated me so badly, but I kept hoping he would change.

    • I did the same. We women should learn to act like men sometimes. It would hurt us less.

    • @Briseide @EthaParez i agree with both of you. But it isn't just women that go through that. Lots of guys do too and i include myself in there. Cause i dated my ex for 5 years and i could've been already in a great place in my life if we would've broken up when i tried breaking up with her which was at the 2 year point. Unfortunately it didn't go that way and arter that everything went down hill. And i should have just ended but got comfortable. So a lot of guys go through that as well. And it sucks.

    • @Briseide I do not want to act like a man. I am already confused about my gender already haha. I am way to caring to be a douch. My current man is great.

What Guys Said 1

  • I wish I didn't know her

    • Damn! It was that bad?

    • Based on my rules yes it was horrible imagine providing everything that girl could dream about n then she open acount in 3 dating sites with single status and talking with dumpasses while she have 6.2 athletic attractive bf! It was horrible. I really wish didn't meet that shit.

    • Damn! Im glad you found out about that sooner than later. I hear ya. I wish you never met her! Lol

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