Why did he come back after telling me he's done?

He told me he was tired of it and didn't care then when text him asking if he was sure he just said he's tired of it. So I told him I'm glad he told me so I could move on and he asked me if that's what I really wanted. When I told him no and that I loved him too much he never replied.

2 days later he texts me asking if I was still awake then we text all night into the next day, then he says he is gonna get some sleep and will text me when he wakes up. Then we text again all day and he said he "I just want to apologize for the other night". He told me he is going to come see me Tuesday but he has said that in the past and never came.

What does he want with me he never said if he wants to get back together or anything we've been broken up for months and it was his choice.


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  • He might want you has a side piece. If you wanna talk message me


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  • You shouldn't obsess about what it means and what is what. He s the only one who knows whats going on in his mind. But he clearly told you he wants out of the relationship and not so clearly if he wants to get back. You should cut him off and move on. He made his choice, you should make yours for you to feel better and that means to not give him the power anymore to act how he wants and you just wait and reply to him.


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  • Cause he realize you are hard find in the form of another woman. He seen without you grass isn't greener.


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