Girls, Am I a backup for my ex? We been together for 5 years?

Me and my girlfriend been in a relationship for 5 years but we broke up and decided to give eachother space. I give her space then on the date that she said she would decide on, she still doesn't knows. I have to admit that I only gave her 3 Weeks of no contactcontact. I know that she likes this other guy because I found out before she told me and she finally admitted to it. She tells me that this guy doesn't want a relationship but she still doesn't want a relationship with me right now. She tells me that there is still hope between us so I don't get it. She also tells me that she would be ok if I got with someone else. Now why would you tell me that there is still hope. I'm thinking about just cutting her off completely and move on but I also think about waiting for her. The problem with waiting is that I don't want her coming back to me because she can't find nobody. If I knew if that's what she was doing then I would be done for good.


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  • I believe you shouldn't waste your time on waiting for her and that she keeps you indeed as a back up plan. Try to move on and if she will be the one coming back to you and apologise for the hurt she has been causing you, you will decide then what to do. If she won't come back better for you because you didn't waste precious time of your life waiting for someone to decide if she wants you or not. Tell her you want to move on if she doesn't want to be with you anymore or just cut her off. It s your right to chose how you want to proceed because she is the one who wanted the break up.

    • Thanks for the advice that's what I'm going to do move on. And I meant to give you a positive vote but I clicked down trying to read the rest of your opinion.

    • Haha.. Thanks. It s no problem about the downgrade. You had a long relationship and I understand how hard it must be right now. But luckily for you, you are still very young and you should look for a nice girl who wants to be with you or for now simply enjoy life, follow your hobbies, your work and education. Focus on yourself to make a better life for you, because you are the first person you need to take care of now.

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