Why do guys play their colleague?

A colleague of mine and I were friend and kinda got close, he told me of how his ex got engaged so he started looking for new love. We work together, we hanged out a lot and to some extent got intimate. At some point I realized I might be played, because I see him most times texting her and all. After going back and forth I realized I was being played so I ended it. It’s been so hard because I just can’t figure out why you will want to play a colleague. I don’t want to quit so I am trying to be strong and the most hurtful thing now is how he told me to my face of how he intends proposing to her in December. I felt so crushed but I hope you can help remain strong and professional and get through this phase. Thank you


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  • There are so many more guys out there for you. You don't deserve a guy like him, you deserve someone who treats you well. Show him how strong you are and have fun, go out and find someone else.


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