Texted my ex again today and her response was interesting?

So I texted my ex again today. I sent her a message saying "I was at the gym this morning and I saw someone who looked just like you! she could have been your twin. hope all is well." She responded back once she read it. She said "Yay! A normal person who looks like me haha. I'm doing well, how about you?" I told her Im doing well and got a job offer the other weekend. To me it kinda seemed like she was flirting a bit with that one remark she made about a normal person looking like me. she is also asking questions about what im up to. Our relationship was long distance by a few hours. What are your thought?


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  • No she was just being playful in a friendly manner

    • thats good compared to not responding or being negative

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  • my ex sent me a bunch of texts about seeing guys who reminded her of me. i ignored them.
    she is just being friendly, you guys broke up for a reason didn't you?


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  • Sounds like she is being polite. Why are you texting your ex anyways?


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