Texted her after No Contact?

So I texted my ex today. I sent her a message saying “I was at the gym this morning and I saw someone who looked just like you! she could have been your twin. hope all is well.” She responded back once she read it. She said “Yay! A normal person who looks like me haha. I’m doing well, how about you?” I told her Im doing well and got a job offer the other weekend. To me it kinda seemed like she was flirting a bit with that one remark she made about a normal person looking like me. She is also asking questions about the job offer that I got. I told her what I would be doing and she said thats pretty cool. That was a pretty neutral response so I waited a bit then respond with yeah, you have driven by the farm too. I drove her by it on our third date and pointed it out too. Our relationship was long distance by a few hours, we are from the same home town but Im away at school. What are your thoughts?


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  • It seems to me that the interest has increased after you got the job offer
    how long you've been together?
    how was your relationship before you get the job offer?

  • You should tell her to go fuck herself


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