MY ex-boyfriend said this?

He said that he's sorry for everything and that nothing feels right without me, and then the next day he says he has a girlfriend knowing i still love him, im in tears right now...

Thank you for all the advice. I have moved on, and i am so over him.


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  • he wanted to apologize in advance for what will surprise you in the next day (new girlfriend). sorry for what a happened and I know it's hurt + have feelings for him, but you should move on and know what happened to you not because you bad, but life has something special for you. just take the time you need + be happy. be who you want to be. because everything is temporary, today you get hurt... tomorrow you get heal

    everything will be ok

    Good luck =)


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  • Although he physically moved on into another relationship, he is saying that his heart is still with you (because his feelings hasn't left).
    He could very well mean what he is saying,
    however I would take his words with a grain of salt because his feelings aren't strong enough for you to break up with her (so that probably means he's lying).
    If someone really wanted to be with you... nothing would stop that.
    I know you're heart broken.
    But this situation isn't healthy for you.
    I suggest you pick up the pieces of your heart and move on.
    In time, your feelings for him will fade.

    • *his feelings aren't strong enough for him to break up with her (correction)

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  • Move on you deserve better


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