My kids dad is such a waste man. Why are some men like this?

Been broke up from my ex since June. I just got on with things. My ex choose days he would see and kids anf how much he would pay etc. So everything was going find until September. He shouldn't stopped seeing his kids with no explanation. After aweeks i got in touch he said he head was a mess and couldn't see the children. So i thought understandsble only to find out he's only not seen the kids coz he has a nre girlfriend and has been partying with her for the hole time. I was on shock. As he was done this in the past to our children i really didn't think he would do it again. Told him that in that tomi he choose to push his kids to one side while starting a new relationship shows his kids mean nothing to him and that he should stay away from now on. There has always been drugs beer or girls that get in the way of him being a dad. But it hurts my kids so much i can't keep letting him hurt them ita so upsetting


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  • Why do some women have sex and make babies with men like that?

    • We was together for 13 years he he started this 6 years ago after our last. Please don't sit there and blame me i have done everything i can to help him with his drug and drink habit. Then when my children started asking questions i got out i did right by my kids.

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    • What are you even going on about. He still should be a dad being consist. Not be a dad then not. That is my point.

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  • how old are your kids? Can they understand what is going on with their dad? But yes, you should protect them if he s that kind of a loser dad. Try to sort things out trough court like allowance money and the rights to visit them only if he is sober. Move on and don t go back and raise your kids next to this kind of a person. I think it will harm them more to have a drug and alcoholic dad addict rather then grow up without one.

    • 13.11.6 my 11 year old has only just stopped weeing the bed coz of the situation with contact. The older ones only see him coz he wants to see them other than that they have no contact. My 6 yearl old told my sister that she hasn't seen her dad for ages, the last time i seen him he was drunk and went out i waited on the sofa for him to come back but i fell asleep. After whats happened i think its about time i made sure my kids are protected from his behaviour it just isn't on. The the past 6 years i can count on two hands , two to many of the times he's disappeared for weeks. He always comes back with im sorry for the way iv been im a dick i shouldn't have do it im off the drugs and getting help bla bla them a few months to a year later same thing again

    • I m really sorry you and your kids are going trough all of these. It is very unhealthy and harmful for all of you that s why you should look behind your pain and stop taking him back. You have to understand there is nothing you can do to change him unless he doesn't want to change. You should only think at your children, what can you do to protect them. You should really look for legal help and proffesional help for yourself to understand how can you cope in a healthy way with a drug and alcoholic person. There are free group support to help you with that. I can only imagine what you going trough, my ex is a drug and alcohol addict and I know how hard it is when you love them. But I didn't have children with him. So really make a change in your life for the sake and future of your children. Get all the information and help you can and do not continue with this relationship that can possibly harm your kids for life. All the best, have courage and believe you can have a better life !

    • I dont want him back whats so ever i left him in June. I just dont like how he treats the kids. Like not seeing them for many weeks but getting into a relationship spending the days drinking and getting drugged up that he should of had his kids now he wants to see them saying he's changed. I dont know what im ment to do for thw best for my kids coz im sick of them being upset and when the come through it like he builds their trust up he does it again 😕

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  • The real question is why did you have sex with someone like this? But even more so, why did you continue to have sex with him after the first kid? I'm sorry but you made bad decisions that led to this.

  • Either they had a real crappy childhood or they allowed the devil into their lives to control their behavior.

    • Both i can safely say

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    • Oh its not my place now to help him i tried for many years. He can't help himself. There has been many times he has had a reason to why he can't be dad. Im studying to be a nurse for my kids future i dont have to time to run around after him any longer. Of his kids aren't enough for him to sort himself out nothing is. I have a great family base for me and my kids. They don't actually need him for anything that i can offer them. They do need him to be a supportive loving caring dad that can show them strength but he can't do that so...

    • Okay. I wish you the best.

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