My ex boyfriend that I break up with him... So do you think I can break the ice and text him again. Or he is will be still upset. I kno I upset him?

guys this is the last text I send to my boyfriend , it's so bad I want to talk to him but do u think it's early coz it was on Friday and today is Tuesday ! I really miss him 😢 "Fuck stop turning to me. Well get this fuck you and ur skinny body, and ur shit and ur attitude , and ur what MJ's rudeness , and ur King style , then flash it to the toilet. I will block the shit out of u. Dum skinny ass" I unblock him again am I silly? 😢😢
Sorry about my English. Poor writing hope you understand were am caming from


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  • Stay away from this guy after this message bc he may act nice just to revenge. Your message is tottaly insane!


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  • You were quite rude and offensive to him. I don't know the circumstances that made you get that mad but you should apologize and let him be. Words can hurt as much as other kind of aggressions so try to control yourself next time you get that angry.


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