Would an ex be angry about you dating if they didn't want to reconcile?

We've only been broken up for like three days by the way and we were together for 5 months but we're still living together while I get my things together.
My ex got very angry and upset (and even said so and said that he didn't want me to) go on a date or have sex with any other guys.

He told me that he still cares about me and loves me (I asked).
He has still cuddled me the past two nights.
He is the one who ended things (he has fairly bad depression and just started seeing a psychiatrist but we'd been fighting a lot)
He told me he knew I was trying to rekindle things because I told him I still loved him and cared about him.
He also said that he knows I'd try to make things work again.
He said that if I still loved him, I wouldn't be trying to see other men (it was mostly as a distraction because I'm upset and I never actually went)
He told me he didn't care if I was dating but then admitted today that he lied and he does care and it bothers and upsets him.

But he hasn't tried to fix anything with us. I asked him why he cares so much and why it upsets him if I date and stuff and he said he didn't know (he's super bad with his emotions, like really bad) and when I asked him if he wanted to figure out why, he said he doesn't want to know (whatever that means).

I told him that there's a reason he gets so angry and upset and it bothers him so much and that I think there's a part of him that wants to fix things too and he didn't say anything or deny it (he was literally out the door going to work).

He was making sarcastic comments and saying I shouldn't go out with any of the guys that were texting me.

What do you think?
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Also I should add that we're not texting like usual. Usually when he's at work, we text a lot but we're not.
And the reason guys are texting me already is because a girl friend of mine gave my number to a bunch of her guy friends to try and distract me.

I'm not comfortable with it


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  • I think he loves you and want to fix things but he don know from where to start or what to do as he has serious depprision but I think he has more than depprision i think if you really love him you must give him second chance or go to the therapist with him if possible and discuss some of your both problems.


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