How can I get over my EX?

It's been like 5-6 years and I still can't get over him! What should I do? ... I'm trying to be normal but it's just too hard! :/ I thought that my love for him wasn't serious bz I fell for him when I was around 13 years old ¤___¤ but I just can't forget him... what should I do? I'm the one who asked him out like two yeas back and were in love for about 6 months (WTF? )! And he broke up with me for another girl :/... (My English sucks, I'm sorry)


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  • First love is the true love

    • Not sure :/... then why can't he just understand me?

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  • I think Im in the same situation. and Im one year older than you. lol. I've been trying to get into relationships, drink, even smoke I've had a couple of relationships then but I dont seem to love the person the way I did with him. Its only sporadic like I love the person for 1,2 months then I just dont love them no more and I break up. and I thing with ages I started to be more psychotic cause I dont love them but I dont want them to love anybody else. I recently started talking to a psychologist hoping that I'll get better. I guess there's just no other options.

    • I'm 18 as well, I clicked on November 6th instead of October and I've to wait one more month :/

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  • Eat food and play video games that always cheers me up

    • and listen to music and dance...
      best thing deserve to enjoy is yourself don't waste your time to be sad on the people who left you...

    • @luke3999 exactly people have to learn to love themselves before they can love others.

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  • If you can't get over him after this long, I would recommend therapy. He obviously gave you something that you can't get back which is leaving this void you don't know is there and can't fill. A therapist would help you see what that void is and suggest what you can do to fill it. You might just be in love with the idea of him, infatuation is common at that age. He would be a totally different person now.

    • He's engaged... every time I try to change my mind it just don't happen! When ever I see him, those memories just happens to reach my mind.

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