Should I end it?

I been dating this girl for 7 weeks. We didn't take it to the next level because I wanted us to get to know each other first as a friends. Since I met her she been going through a lot of hard time with her roommates. They been really treating her like shit and she spend couple of nights in my house because of them. Sometimes they just locked the door at night and don't let her come in and ignore her phone calls. She got her car under her roommate's namebecause her roommate works at the dealership and they gave their employees good deal. However now her roommates kicked her (the girl I'm dating) out the house and they took the car that she been paying for for over a year because its under their name and now she lives with a creepy dude who wants to be friend with benefits with her and when she said no he told her to find place within a month because he don't want her to stay longer than that. My part in this mess is that I have been always there for her and supporting her and taking her in and driving her around whenever she needed me and taking her to work and bring her back. Not to mention that since we started going out I'm the one who is paying for everything. She didn't even offer to pay anything. I don't have problem with money at all but still she supposed to offer to pay one time at least. Last Sunday I asked her officially to be couple because I think we had enough time to get to know each other. She apologized and told me she is going through a lot of things (losing a car, moved to a new place with creepy guy who she been friend with for a year but it turns out he wants to **** her). I expected this but I went for it because I wanted her to know what my feelings are. I took it like a man and told her that I will be waiting for her. Last night she texted me and said that she wants to hang out in my place and watch the walking dead together. I picked her up and went together grocery shopping... Continue
So I can make dinner for us. She got a phone call from her old roommate telling her to come by to pick up some of her stuff that she left. I took her there and she told me to go back home and start cooking and when she done packing she will text me to pick her up. Two hours later she texted me and told me that she will spend the night with her roommate because her roommate being so nice to her and she felt like bonding with her and watching... Continue
Their favorite movie together. I already cooked the dinner and when I saw her message I just felt so stupid and disrespected! Isn't this something I should be mad at?


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  • What is the problem of why u should end it? This poor gurl needed ur help dood. She couldnt survive without chu or wouod u rather her become sumone smex slave juz to survive? Do us a favor and look after her. Is she fincially stable enough to pay? If she is, when y'all go eat out, discuss with her beforehand to split the bills and there u go. Problem solve 👌🏼

    • Bro I'm not a guy who bail on someone when she is facing hard times. But I also don't tolerate been disrespected. Financially she is doing alright but trust me I won't consider this as a reason for the break up and I just wanted to mention it.

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    • Alright I will tell her that but I don't know when I should say that.

    • Whenever the time feels right or til she refused ur request once more

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