Why is it hard to get over an ex boyfriend even after 6 months?

So i dated this boy who was 2 years older than me for 4 months. We broke up because of what he had done and on that same day he started dating another girl. Now its 6 Months down the line and i still can't get over it. I have not talked to my ex in 6 months and we never got to talk about the reason behind the breakup and how i felt too. The girlfriend followed me on Instagram and i followed back. I can't stand seeing their pictures together and aniversary messages aswell. He is very happy with this girl, but he does not know that he left me with a scar in my heart. This scar i have will not allow me to fall in love untill i get over him completely. I always cry when i think of the fact that he left me. It has been 6 months, no man, no flirting, no thrive and still crying. Do i need a shrink to help me get through this? I feel it is not normal at all. How can i stop crying and be happy?


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  • First of all you should stop follow that girl and stop seeing what s going on in your ex s life. Cut off any kind of contact that reminds you of him.
    Second force yourself into doing new things, Into meeting new people. You don't have to date somebody even if it wouldn't hurt after 6 months but at least force yourself to have some fun, to go out and do things that you enjoy. You are so young and there are so many people you could meet. You know it s over, so repeat that to yourself and force yourself to move on. You can do it, just put more effort into it instead of lingering over spilled milk ☺ You don't need a therapist, you just need to get busy with anything else beside your ex.


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