Missing my ex, but would have been miserable?

I know I would be miserable for the rest of my life. My ex turned out to be an arrogant/egotistical person, he stopped taking my feelings into consideration when I would feel hurt and told me I was over analyzing things. At 1st he was worried when I told him that I felt like he didn't care, he made no attempts to improve his behavior, then when I brought up how I was feeling again he accused me of wanting to destroy the relationship. Since the break up it's been almost a month. I miss him everyday (tho a little less as time goes by). I will not be getting back together w/him. One time when he was sick I came over and brought him some soup because I knew he had no food at home. He was more interested in a game to even pay attention to me, then when I got hurt he told me he never asked me to make soup (I know we aren't supposed to to expect anything for nice gestures, but I would have been thrilled if my boyfriend had done that and shown so much care). My family treated him like one of their own and he never even said a simple thank you to them. We didn't go out much at all (which I don't mind), but whenever he would invite me along w/him even if I found that place/event boring I always went because I wanted to be w/him. We were supposed go out clubbing (not his scene, but he never had suggestion), the one rare time I wanted to go out, he ended up falling asleep and we didn't go. He always told me how he didn't "feel" like going anywhere (because he had stuff he needed to take care of), yet he started going to the bar once a week w/out me. I have wonderful supportive family and friends, but I miss him so much. Towards the end of the relationship I would leave him and I would feel more nights/days of disappointment/hurt then feeling loved/cared for.


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  • I dont know if it"ll works for you but I went through something similar.. I red in a book I dont remember exactly the title but it was a guide to overcome break-ups feelings. The writor suggested that you write a letter in which you say how you feel. ABSOLUTELY all the feelings that you have towards him. you can take all the time you want then when you're 100% sure that exteriorize everything get rid of it. ( I burned mine) As you mentionned you're not planning on getting back with him so this should be the first step to get over him. You deserve someone who have on the core of his mind not someone who do more wrong than good you. After that, you've got to find an activity or anything that"ll help you busy. Me, I started to write. Everytime I think about him ( my ex) I start writting little texts, poem, or just discuss something that have been questionning about. this might feel weird but the point is that you should make room for sadness, do not allow it to overwhelmed you. I hope this'll help. be confident in yourself you'll be fine.


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