A few weeks ago I told my ex (I ended things) I still had feelings for him, he rejected me and I told him to have a good life but... (please read)?

Today I messaged him saying that, after spending a couple weeks thinking about it and dating other people, I can see why we didn't work out and that I have no feelings for him anymore but i would like to be friends and he got reaaalllly pissed off and said that this is the typical wishy washy push/pull thing I do and that I just want attention. He said I can't say I don't wanna talk to him ever again and then come back asking to be friends.

What is his problem? He rejected me, shouldn't he be happy that I'm dating other people and don't have feelings?


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  • You told him you still liked him, then you told him off after he rejected you. Did you ever actually like him as a FRIEND, let alone a boyfriend or an ex?


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  • Cold. You have issues and should leave him alone. Don't do that again

    • How do I have issues?

    • I hope she meant to say that you are confused by your own feelings and that you're going through a rollercoaster of emotions. I "loved" my ex on and off, until I figured out that I loved him but that I didn't want to be with him. Your "issue" is to figure out what you truly feel for him.

    • You broke up with him then told him you still had feelings while he was still hurting. Of course he rejected you. That's where you should have left it but no, you contact him again just to let him know you're dating other people, have no feelings for him but want to be friends? You don't see how that's mean and cruel and twisted? Aka, issues.

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  • No, that's pretty normal. He just doesn't want to play your games.
    Given your age range (if it's actually your real age) you definitely should have grown out of this shit by now.


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