Should I message my ex?

Long story short we broke up around 3 years ago. She blocked me on facebook when she got into another relationship a few months later (like literally the day she changed her status). I lost her number as I broke my phone shortly before this.

Anyway I've been thinking about her recently, quite a bit. I want to contact her but I don't want to just show up at her house or anything. I have an old facebook account which I had from like 2010 or something. Figured i would use that to message her. Just say something like "how are you doing?" and leave my number.

Would that be cool?


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  • if you really want her back, you should call her i think, tell her your feelings about her, but if you odont want her back, just friends or something, i dont think you should contact her, you both will get disappointed. so make your decision and do it. good luck!

    • I can't call her, I lost her number when I broke my phone years ago.

    • then you should message her or go to meet her, i think talk to her face to face will be better, you can feel her felings for real.

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  • I wouldn't do it. She blocked you once so she really doesn't want to hear from you.

    • Well, we still had regular contact for about 2 years after that, We were actually friendly. IN fact there was a while when she was trying to talk to me (in person) and I wasn't interested. Then we became civil again.

  • Do you know if she is single or anything about her now?

    • I don't I've not actually seen her in over a year

    • Hmm so it may be a little unwelcome.

      I think you need to move on. Trust me, looking back is not the way to go when you are trying to move forward.

  • i would say don't


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