Lost cause?

Sat next to this girl this past semester and we talked everyday and I realized I started to like her so I asked her out on a date and she said yes so we went on the date. Then finals came, so on the last day I asked her to a second one the following week. She canceled on me the day before because she was at her aunt's house.

No matter, about two weeks later I asked her on a date again (through the phone, obviously, since school was over) and she took a couple days to reply and she asked me which day and I told her and she was busy that day. So I gave her a couple more options and she said she was busy those days too. I told her that she can call me if she had time to hang out. But that was a week ago and I haven't heard from her since. I haven't seen her in a month. She won't be back at the college she's going somewhere else, but it's in the area. Is this a complete loss?


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  • I can relate to your situation. I think by posting this question you already know the answer but are reluctant to accept it. I know it feels like sh*t but it doesn't have to be like this way. "When people want something they will search for opportunities but if they don't they will search for reasons." She knows that you like her and if she likes you than she will find the time to be with you. Instead she's giving you all the reasons she can think of not to. So what do you do. Should you move on, keep pursuing, or only keep in touch with her once in a blue moon? I don't want to say it's a complete loss because people changes as we become older. At this moment, the best thing you can do for yourself is to move on and find another girl. The more you pursuit the less likely she will change her feelings toward you. Someday she might realized that she made a mistake and regret it but tomorrow is never a guarantee. Another thing is that what have you learn from this experience. And if you had a chance to ask out another girl should you do something different. Those are questions I have been asking myself cause I'm going through the same thing as you are right now. In my case, I moved on. I might keep in touch with her but I would never ask her out again. Hope you realized what you need to do next and good luck.

    • The problem with analyzing what I did is that it's painful to remember the memories. And, to my knowledge I can't for the life of me figure what I did wrong which hurts more.

    • It is painful. But if you don't try to understand what you did than how can you improve yourselves. I gone though many painful rejections. All those girls have one thing in common. It's me. So either I need to change my approach or physical appearance or both. But I have to realized what I did in order to improve. Try to notice you strengths and weaknesses and how you can turn you weakness into opportunity. Remember, no gain without pain.

  • Unfortunately, she is. Girls who break dates and don't offer an alternative = not interested.


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