Am I his girlfriend or his cousin is?

We just had a new born baby and we been together for a year now and this feeling about him and his cousin is not new when I told him about my feelings about them we had a big fight.
Things that make me feel this way!
1. find them alone talking a lot
2. all three of us was in one room and I was reading in the corner of my eye I saw him slapped her ass
3. every time she's around his acting like we're not getting along or just playing in front of her
4. i was sitting on the step and he was over top of me Rubing my neck but I couldn't see his face he was facing her when I looked up he was making faces at her
We live together at his uncles house that's his cousins father I have no problem leaving I have some where to stay but my baby won't see her father as much
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Should I leave or stay


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What Guys Said 1

  • I can understand you being concerned over the ass-slapping, but everything else is not a big deal.


What Girls Said 1

  • You're aware of course, that a lot of cousins are best friends? Because your cousins are often the first people outside of your own siblings that you interact with, they're often your closest friends. It's not weird. You're overreacting.

    • I don't think in overreacting I went to the Dr's got a bag of condoms and went to my moms house for a night a lot of them are gone we used one what you think about that?

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    • No I counted them it was a whole bag its about five left and we used one and he's says something else is upseting me but he knows why and just going around it

    • This is something I can't get over I'm an only child I have lots of cousins I know what's wrong and what's not and this is an issue I can't get past

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