Ex not sure what he wants?

My ex and I had been together for almost 6 months and he just broke up with me. He had been going through a lot of stress with his job and family and a potential new job around the 4 month mark and he just hadn't been the same since. So I gave him some space as he asked and then. He came back and said that he thought we should just be friends because it's not fair to me to drag me through it (even though I constantly told him I was willing to help him through this difficult time). He knows that right now we can't be friends but he hopes that we can when I'm ready and when he gets himself together we can work from a friendship back to a relationship. He has told me that there isn't another girl and that he hasn't lost interest/the chemistry is still there but he doesn't think it's fair. He doesn't seem to have an interest in dating while he's getting himself through this but I just don't know what he wants. This all came after I threw him a party with all his friends and family for his 21st birthday. Everyone says I'm the best girl he's ever had and his family and friends love me but he just doesn't know what he wants. He also said he'd keep me in the loop about his potential job even though we're not together. What does he want from me and what should I do?


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  • Give him the time to get himself together. And that doesn't mean that you have to wait forever either, but he apparently needs the time to figure it out so that's the best thing that you can do. Don't beat yourself up.


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