Has anyone gotten back with their ex after refusing friendship?

Has anyone gotten back together with their ex after the ex trying to stay friends? My ex girlfriend was intiating contact and asking me to hang out often and acting like my girlfriend again. I started to push a little too fast and she backed off and said she didn't want to disappoint me and wants to be friends.


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  • Nope...


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  • I feel you and unfortunately it doesn't work like that... I'm sorry. You don't owe her any more of your time than anyone else. Don't jump right in and be her best friend.
    Refusing friendship is the best way to go... as I made the mistake and was stuck 2 weeks later having to see her with another guy (unless you want that).

    If you want to see if she still has feelings– well you could send her mixed signals and play some games. I'm not for playing games but certainly is one way to check.


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