Why is my ex avoiding me?

So we broke around one or two months ago on good terms. we agreed to friends and keep talking and hanging out and whatnot. until i found out something (apparently he's been close to another girl) and confronted him about it via text. ever since then, we stopped any type of contact. recently we keep bumping into each other in uni and other events but he would always face the opposite way to wherever i am completely avoiding any contact even though i would just lk normally to his new girl (yes, im friends with her even though she's stupid enough to agree to date that douchebag). what im wondering is why is he doing this? i mean, im totally over it and i just dont want to make things awkward between us and for everybody else. because everytime he's there and im there, everyone just kinda goes crazy bcs his new girl is always with him (it's a small city, so everyone knows the story and everyone is obviously on my side muahahaha) and it's not like he's trying to hide things with his new girl either, bcs they go everywhere together, hold hands, and post things on social media , etc etc
him avoiding me like this just makes it even more awkward for everbody. and it's really not that big of a drama or whatever. i mean, yea he basically left me for another girl but apparently it has happened before (this happening with me just makes people dislike him even more) and even then apparently he says he's on good terms with his exes and still talks to them every once in a while. so why is he not talking to me? im over it and he's clearly over it too. does he hate me? was it because i sort of insulted him in our last convo over text?


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  • He wants to forget about you


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