How to get over a girl that you had a chance with but you didn't pull the trigger on?

she was perfect for me, everything I wanted but I just didn't man up in time and I just couldn't talk around her. it really feels like I'm never going to get past this, how do I get past her. she clearly liked me and I think she was waiting for me to do something but the little voice in my head said no, and I listened and I missed out with a great girl.

so how do I move on and get past this, its really bothering me


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  • You missed out how? Is she dating someone else?

    • Yea :(

    • I'm sorry. The only real way I can think of is learning from it. If she had mattered that much, what stopped you? Think about why you didn't make a move and apply that to the next girl. Dwelling on it will only make you feel worse about it.

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