Ridiculous question: Will my ex girlfriend come around a third time?

Two words that can describe the issue with my ex girlfriend: bad timing. She broke up with me twice, the first breakup (Sept. 2013) she told me that she wanted to just stay single and focus on herself (she was 19 years old, I was 20). The second time was recently back in August and she told me that she was just way too busy with school and work (and wants to join the army or ROTC). She also said she doesn't know what she wants in a relationship. I'm guessing what that means is she doesn't know what to do with her life right now. We have never had any issues whatsoever together and we have great chemistry. Here's the kicker: I don't do shit to try and get her back, this is all her. And I don't care about the heartbreak that comes with it bc I know I'll just move on fairly quick, however I still have feelings for her. So do y'all think she'll come around again after her life settles down again?


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  • I'd say it's not likely. Generally these are signs she's trying to find her path in life. More often than not those paths take people away from where they start both physically and mentally. That also means new doors open up to them, so I say it's not likely. But really, it wouldn't surprise to find that she comes back. Hard to say for sure one way or another.

    • I thought the exact same thing. This is a tough one bc this bullshit can go any direction. each time she starts me up again, she hopes that we end up on the same page in life.

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    • You have a good point, i'll talk to her about that if she ever pops up again. Thanks man.

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