Am I supposed to feel guilty?

Sorry this is long but opinions would be SO helpful.
Long story short, my ex I dated for 2 years and I broke up last year, we had went through trials of trust issues after he cheated on me in the beginning of our relationship. Right after we broke up, there were rumors that he started hooking up with a friend of mine. I confronted her, she denied, he denied. We ended the school year on kinda bad terms, and I left the country for the summer. Came back to school this year, my ex and I had not talked all summer. I finally saw him out one night, and he came up to me and started yelling at me about the new guy (he heard) I was hanging out with. We ended up hanging out that night (his idea), and he was trying to kiss me and be all over me. It was difficult because a part of me still loved him, but I had been trying to move on. He told me he had a girlfriend now (my friend that had been lying to me the whole time). Well he convinced me to have sex with him that night, and said I couldn't tell anyone. So I didn't... for 2 weeks. Don't get me wrong, I hate his girlfriend, but I've been cheated on before, so I wanted to do the right thing and tell her. She lives 2 hours away and there's no way she would have found out otherwise. I told her everything, then he denied it all and said I was crazy and I made it all up and then cussed me out. She ended up saying she believed me, but they're still dating.. she stayed with him. All I want to know is, 1. Do you think he will cheat on her again? 2. Do you think their relationship is really as happy as they make it seem (our relationship had so many trust issues after he cheated on me, but they act like they never fight and are so happy)? and 3. Does this mean he is still in love with me?

I blocked him on everything... then he found out I blocked him on everything and blocked me back. Lol. I know I should just put it all in the past but it all just gets to me sometimes.


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  • You have no need to be guilty, you gave the girl information that might have been important to her.


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  • The one thing you really should feel guilty about is not leaving him when you found out he cheated on you. Cheaters are scumbags and don't deserve forgiveness. That probably just gave him the green light to cheat in the future.
    You did do the wrong thing by hooking up with someone who you knew had a significant other, but at least you came clean to her, so brownie points for that.

    1. Do you think he will cheat on her again?

    Yes, I'm pretty sure he will. Once a cheater, always a cheater (99% of the time). It also wasn't the first time, since he cheated on you too, which even further proves my point. I'm surprised people stay with cheaters, if it was me, his ass would dumped in an instant if I found out. Have some self respect ffs.

    2. Do you think their relationship is really as happy as they make it seem?

    Most likely not. People tend to not show their relationship problems to the outside world, they make it look like it's all unicorns and rainbows, while actually underneath all that pretense it could be hell on Earth. Every relationship has some sort of problems, it's inevitable. Especially since they both seem like people who mess a lot of shit up.

    3. Does this mean he is still in love with me?

    Listen, I know this may be hurtful, but he was never really in love with you in the first place. He cheated on you. If you truly love someone, you wouldn't cheat, you wouldn't hurt them like that, you wouldn't betray them, but he did. He doesn't love you and he never has.


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  • not guilty at all, just move on with your life, he is a piece of shit, not worth any of your care anymore!!!


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