Can I ghost this guy (PLEASE READ- It'll save my sanity!!!) ?

Okay GAG, story time.
So, there's this guy.
Yes, I know that line is the most cliche way to start any sort of post on anything, but this story takes a twist. I met this guy online and he seems really nice. I know for a fact that we live pretty far away (three or four states). We talked for three hours tonight, and he seems to have a lot of emotional baggage. In the moment, I was super kind and supportive because I figured I'd never talk to this kid again. However, we became Facebook friends and he followed me on Instagram. The problem is, I realized after the fact that I don't want this guy constantly hounding me. When we were chatting online, he even told me he loved me (platonically, but still). I deleted my account on the site we met on because it was a stupid website anyways, but, now that I feel the need to ghost this guy, I know that I would have to unfriend and block him on Facebook and Instagram so that he can't find me and interrogate me as to why I stranded him. After just two hours of me being supportive of him in the moment, this guy's completely emotionally attached to me, and I don't know what to do. He's seen a lot of bad stuff and has a lot of abandonment issues and, as much as I'd love to be his supporter through all this, it's stressing me out and I don't feel like I should feel morally obligated to take care of this guy I don't know. Any advice?

  • Ghost him; This situation's weird enough already
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  • Ghost him; You shouldn't feel morally obligated to take care of him
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  • Don't ghost him; He's emotionally unstable and needs you
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  • Don't ghost him; That'd be mean, and this kid would hunt you down
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I guess I could also tell him I accidentally stayed logged in at the library and someone hacked me


Most Helpful Guy

  • Be honest, let him know your the wrong person to be leaning onto for support, and that it has made you totally uncomfortable with him.
    I disagree with complete ghosting or a bs story to save his feelings, that's not helping him at all. Be a friend, and tell him the hard facts that he has to hear.

    Secondly don't feel bad, I have been on both sides of the story, it's not your responsibility to help him heal !!! He needs to look within himself for those answers


Most Helpful Girl

  • I think ghosting him would just make it worse tbh. Just tell him you are REALLY busy and have a lot of stuff going on so you don't have time to be a good friend right now. That way you can still use your stuff but you don't have to block him or anything. He'll drift naturally.

    • There's a 1 in a hundred billion chance that I'd meet this guy- If I ghost him now it wouldn't be too late, and I am super busy. My main goal in talking to him tonight was just to give him confidence in himself, but he seemed to think I was into him...

    • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww that's seriously the worst when it happens.

      I just figure it will save you having to look over your shoulder and him hunting you down online.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Ghosting? That's a bit venomous ain't it?

    Just let the guy be, be friendly to him but assert your need to personal time when you need it, after he get's over some of his stress help him understand he needs to develop his independence from you.

    To ditch him is one of the lower things a person can do to another being.


What Girls Said 3

  • I think you should write him a last message by telling him he should look for help to deal with his issues but you can't provide him that help and you do not feel comfortable anymore on keeping contact. After that delete, block him, do whatever it takes to cut him off. Don't even wait for a reply because he won't agree with your message anyway. Don't feel bad about doing so, it s not you who can fix him. And never ever give personal details about you to people you meet online.

  • Hey, I think you should Ghost him. Never EVER give your info out to people online, no matter how much they might say "I love you", because it just doesn't work like that in real life since you don't know the person. That guy might have emotional problems but he needs to get help either from friends, family or therapy. You are NOT responsible for taking care of him or being his emotional punching bag. Good luck!

  • Just tell him that you're really sorry, but you can't make any more friends right now because your life is hectic and stressful, and that you hope he understands. Then quietly remove him within maybe a week.


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