Does my ex hate me?

We broke up almost 6 months ago after a really on and off 3 year relationship and it took me this long to finally stop feeling bitter or angry or sad. It wasn't nice to go through but I've let it go and moved on. I decided to contact him simply to clear the air and catch up on his life because I do still care about him so I asked how he was doing, and he never replied.

I sent him one last message expressing that I didn't have any hard feelings that he didn't want to talk and that I wished him the best and he didn't reply to that either. Does he hate me? Is there anything I can do to change his opinion or do I just need to let go of that too?


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  • Just let it go. You should not have contacted him in the first place, he is an ex, it is in the past now. You can't know what is on his mind about you, and you never could be able to know for sure. So trying to guess is just useless and will make you overthink.

    Letting go is not only about getting rid of those hurtful feelings, it is also and mostly about acceptance. Accepting that you won't get the resolutions you want and letting things be this way! If you still want to "clear the air" you have not fully let it go.

    Good luck!


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  • Yes let go of it. Why would you want to change his opinion? You see you're very slowly digging your hole by still caring for him. You should stop that too. And you're also making it harder for him - he's ignoring you because that's his way of moving on and you're not letting him by contacting him.


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  • I agree with both of the opinions here because they both told you what is best for you to do. Let it go because you haven't completely yet if you still care if he hates you or not. It doesn't matter anymore, it s over, it s in the past and if he will want to contact you in the future he will, if not don't stress about it or wait for a sign from him. Move on with your life, it is not easy but it is possible and it is the best thing you can do for your own sake. It should be only about you now. I know for a fact my ex hates me but I do not care. He wanted the break up so I am moving on and ignore him completely. If not I will just get pulled back into the past and it s the same for you.

  • tell him to fuck off, block him completely and move on! there must be someone better ahead, cheer up!!! be confident!!


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