Should I tell my ex that I want him back? Does age matter if boy is 4years younger?

over a years ago we had been 2gether for a month...boy is 20yeras old and I am was him who wanted to be with me so much and he did talk a lot before he got me...then after a month he broke was bad time for both of us and he was serious first 2 weeks then he give up... I tried so much to keep in touch and he always answer my sms and sometimes he gave me signs that we could meet often but then he began to be cold again and sometimes we didn't even say hello...i told him twice that I want him back ..first time I did it 2weeks after our break up and then 9 months after our break up..first time he said that he needs time to be alone and other time he said I call you but he never did it(because that time we fight bout his friend who had talked sh*t about me but he didn’t believe me that it wasn’t me)

and then we didn’t say hello or talk for 4 months then we once saw and I got and hug him I saw that he became very happy and we went for coffee and had a lot of fun...I tried to not see desperate and didn’t keep in touch so often...then from nowhere he called me one day and asked me to his family because he needed help so I went...and after this he said that we should keep often in touch and see often call me we can go to coffee and cinema etc...n we did… he call me often too and we went many times to coffee and he told me everything bout his life from how many girls he had sex with and so on...

I have very good relationship with his family and they like me very much his sister and mother are best friends with me and he likes that I go often to them and he told me to visit his family ...

But for a while he has been again strange..he still answer my sms and call me only if there is something important but otherwise he don't answer sms...he doesn’t call me and ask me out like he did 2months ago and I don’t know if I am too much after him? I sms him sometimes but not everyday... and I have asked him many times to come to my house and he promise to come but he doesn’t come and he doesn’t even say why he didn’t came and I don’t ask him why but I guess that he just don’t have time to visit me thought I live in his neighbor... but 2 days ago we should meet up somewhere to fix a thing for him and again he couldn’t come then he sms me if it is ok if we fix this later so I just answer that it is ok sure then he answer back that thank you , you are a good friend…… so I don’t know if he still likes me ?

If you guys don’t like a ex-girlfriend would you like her to stay in touch with ur family?

I really love him and I want him back:( should I go and ask him back again ? Does age matter ?


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  • If I don't like an ex-girlfriend my family disowns them and refuses to talk to her. I personally would recommend to break all connections with his family unless it's complicated ie (you are a friend of tha family or a sibling is a friend of yours.) It sounds like he still have a bit of growing to do but if you like him for who he is then 4 years isn't a big deal. It only means that he and you both have an understanding for one another and that is something very special.

    • You are right... but it is not easy to break all connections...we are very close and see each other every day and his family likes me...but I am little afraid what would they say if they find out that we had a short relationship with their boy.....they maybe will think that am just a stupid who used them to be near my ex... I have tried to not meet them so often but his sister calls and text me every day :( they are very lovely but I don't know how to break all connections... could you tell me how to do that?

    • That would make it very complicated. It sounds like his sister thinks of you as a really good friend. I would suggest talking to her about it and she how she takes it. That is if she knows what the situation is. I wouldn't say that you used her to be closer to your ex though because you also made a friend there to. It's usually better to keep things out in the open even if they were to cause a little bit of distress but surprises can hurt even more.

  • ur milf, rofl, ii8, get a monkey, call it jake, hell all monkey's names are jake, hang out with it for a long tiem, do fun stuff together, and wen he comes back tell him "no way I'm having way more fun with this monkey!"


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