My girlfriend have been getting into arguments for the past 3 weeks, should I just break up with her? Is there a way to work around this? Am I wrong?

I don't know what got into her but she's been yelling at me, so i can't take it anymore and yell at her. It's been getting worse and worse. I feel like giving up on her. I'm already stressed as it is and feel like i can't deal with her. I didn't talk to her for 3 days and now she is like "why don't you answer me calls anymore? :( ". It's stupid argument we have too. This is my first relationship but if i don't like her attidude. I don't know what got into her the past 3 weeks. Is it because i don't spend time with her anymore? I have school and for me i need to study. Is it my fault she is mad? Is it a big deal to you girls to spend time with your bf? in my mind i could go a month without seeing her cause i know she won't run away lol, she will be their waiting and i still call her everyday. Isn't that enought?


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  • So you seem like a guy with a plan and you know what you want. Also you know what she wants and you know why you can't do it. So I think you should just go to her face to face and tell her all about it and make sure that she knows what you have said here then let her descide if she is in or she is out

  • I didn't read past the first three sentences (sry) but you should just dump her and move along. You should always know when to give up on a futile effort.


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