What if you can't remain friends after a break-up, because you all can't stay away from each other?

Long story short, on & off since 2007, broke up October of 2009. We've tried staying "just friends" twice before. This is attempt number three. He's cheated & lied, but for some reason we can't seem to stay away from each other.

I'm with a new guy now & he has a new girl, we still talk as much as possible, but he had to switch schools & has been grounded since November.

After telling one of my friends about feeling weird with my new b/f, she told me how love takes time. She then began telling me how, me & my ex sort of feel in love right then when we met. I'm just now admitting that I was in love with him & I'm trying to get over it.

My current boyfriend does know about what's going on, he says he understand, but I know it hurts. He's already decided he's proposing November 6th of this year. Help, I don't have much time.

Since I posted this, my current boyfriend has already chosen a ring & has put it in layaway. My ex & his girlfriend broke up & he's trying to switch back to my school again.
I haven't seen him or spoken to him in a few months & I still think about him constantly.


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  • Do not put your new boyfriend in an uncomfortable situation. Stop talking to your old boyfriend for a while in order to get over him. If you don't have enough time to completely 100% make up your mind by November 6th then give your new boyfriend two options.

    1. He can wait until you are over your old boyfriend.

    2. You will dump him.

    If your new boyfriend truly understands then he will pick option #1.


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