Should I give him a second chance or just move on?

After months of verbal and emotional abuse on his part, I ended things with him saying that I deserve better than to be treated like that. He would call me names, complain that I have it so much better and easier than him, have extreme mood swings (and when I called him out on it, he told me to learn the spectrum), blow up over the tiniest things such as who I'm hanging out with and even what kind of emoji I sent him. I was very firm with my decision, but also took the high road and wished him the best with everything and he did likewise. However, that same night he started texting me and apologizing (not for any wrongdoing on his part, but rather for me being too sensitive and taking things he said to heart, when he obviously didn't mean to upset me), and that he's not trying to play games or trying to get me back. I ended up blocking him on all of my social media because he was messaging me from there too when I would not respond. My question is should I just forget him and move on or give him a second chance? Because despite everything he's put me through, I still have strong feelings for him.


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  • I congratulate you because you have begun offering to yourself a new choices to make your world happy by cutting of the negative things or people. I understand you still have a feelings for him, but don't make his feelings more important then your. some of relationship need to quit, don't worry not because you're bad but because you decide to take the next step of self-esteem.

    forget him and move on= many options, different decisions, happy thoughts, sleeping well, eat healthy = self-esteem

    a second chance= worrying, complaining, hurt, less friends, insecure= misery

    make a good choice because you're responsible for making your life happy or miserable

    Good luck... =)


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  • Yes, move on. Despite your strong feelings for him he won't and can't change over night. You will go back to the emotional and verbal abuse. Usually these kind of behaviour can be explained by drugs abuse togethet with the moods swings, etc. Either way you should stay away from these kind of people. He can't bring good things in your life. It s your choice if you want to fight your feelings and get a better person to treat you nice or go back to the life you had before. In a normal, healthy relationship you can't use names and make your partner guilty of whatever. When this happens it s a toxic relationship and for your sake you should stay out of it.


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  • No... LEAVE HIM ALONE AND MOVE ON!!! I have a strange feeling that you won't take my advice though...


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