What does no contact by the dumped do to one who broke up?

I've always been the one dumped in a relationship, but if there were any times I didn't stay in contact it was because I wasn't very serious about the relationship, otherwise I just made it harder on myself trying to stay friends. Recently I was dumped by someone I was very serious about, very hurt because there was nothing big I did wrong.

I realized, after staying in touch for about a week, I wasn't in this just to be friends, and so I just stopped getting in touch with her. What I really wonder is what the dumper starts to think and normally feel when that happens. Not to get back at them, I just know I needed to do it to get on with my life
I should also add, there was never a fight, the day we split up she had told me she did love me, first time she actually said that, but that she was confused because her ex had stepped into the picture, which turned out he did it just to mess with her head, had no intents of wanting her back. It was even hard for me to drop contact with her because I know that when any of her friends stop getting in touch with her she thinks something big is wrong.


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