Do guys try to get their ex back?

My now ex punished me because I didn't want to do what he wanted me to do.

Then he went quiet on me.

Then he provoked me by flirting with another girl in my face so I left him.

He was shocked that I left him. Giving me all these compliments.

Do you think he will try to get me back now?


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  • It's extremely rare that guys (and girls) don't reach out after dumping or being dumped. Human nature dictates in our personality and for our sound of mind require a resolution. Just because we got dumped doesn't mean we accept it, nor that we are ready to go along with it. I actually just got dumped by the girl I was dating last week. And thought I don't think we'll actually get back together, I want to at least try. Sometimes we hope that the other person made a mistake or reacted wrong to a difficult situation, so from my end, I've always let the situation cool down a little before I start to reopen any real channels of communication. But you have an advantage, because most guys don't think like me, I would suggest to you to reach out first. He won't be able to react as positively if you're not showing a glimmer of hope.


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  • Most guys are mixed up after a break up when they are the ones being dumped. After 7 weeks me and my have had so many ups and downs mainly downs every argument we have i get told u kicked me out iv moved on u need too (he thinks shagging someone is moving on) he made out he was seeing this girl when they just friends with benefits. Its their pride and ego that gets dented and they can't handle that. Id say walk away luckily my ex is making it easier for me to hate him at the moment. Just think about the bad times it helps x


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  • Do you want to get back together with him?


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