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There is this girl that I have known for quite a while. We hit it off well for a few months after we introduced each other but she was in a relationship with another guy. Later on she broke up with him after about a 1 1/2 together that started good but turned awful for her. School started a month later and we hit it off really well again. She sat by me when I was present, had good conversations, etc. She was also showing signs that she might have a crush on me.

Later on I made the mistake of telling her I liked her. It caught her off guard of course BUT after a few days she seemed really happy around me again. The problem was that I never asked her out. She said she was not opposed to us hanging out as friends (wanting to take it slow maybe?) but she's just not ready to for a relationship. Her ex boyfriend saw me as a threat and he just kept talking to her constantly even though she no longer wanted him, so she couldn't move on even though she did. I stopped talking to her for a couple of months and I could tell it hurt us both.

Now whenever I see her it is just awkward. Whenever I'm around her she just holds her head down and looks embarrassed. She knows that I care about her but at the same time we haven't really sat down and got acquainted with each other again. She also has the problem that she might move out of state (6 1/2 hrs away) after we graduate this semester to live with her family. She also might take a job in my hometown too because she's also from there and that's where all of her friends are.

How do I save this situation and win her over? I really care about this girl.


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  • Sit down with her and tell her how you feel.dont leave anything out. it's really important. find out if she returns those feelings. Her ex has nothing to do with it because it's OVER. he has no claim on her and is probably stuck. Ignore him and go for your girl. maybe take her to a coffe shop or something to talk, some place quiet where you two can be alone that has a light atmosphere. for instance, if you take her to your bedroom to be alone, that can be creepy, or if you take her to a movie, you can't talk, etc. Best of luck ! :)


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