Is it bad to start to get feelings for someone a week after someone broke up with you?

So my boyfriend broke up with me a week ago, and I told my friend who I have known for 7 years what happened and he has been flirting and talking to me a lot more then usual, I'm starting to get feelings for him, I can't help it, but I wouldn't date him for awhile as it's wrong, but I feel like a horrible person for moving on so quickly but my ex told me he didn't love me anymore so I think it should be ok, what are your opinions on this?


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  • You are in no way a horrible person for moving on. You don't owe your ex anything and nothing says that there is a specific amount of time that you can't start something new with someone else.

    • Thank you so much, some are my friends are telling me it's wrong yet I'm only talking to my friend showing slight interest!

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    • Thanks for your advice, I've been feeling really bad about it but after breaking up I feel really happy talking to this guy because he is so much nicer :)

    • Thanks for the MHO :)

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  • I think if he said he doesn't love you anymore, then there is not much point obsessing over it.


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