What do I do in this complicated relationship thing?

Alright so I asked a question a few days before about helping this girl I like with ehr family issues bout the situation has completely changed.
It starts like this I met the girl on a Biology excursion cause she was lagging behind the whole group and looked lonely, I talked to her and thats where it started, for the past 7 months I've been in a rollercoaster of emotion with her. in the first few months it was purely me helping her get better but as I got to know the person she is I fell in love with her, I told her I liked liked her (sorry but im really inexperienced with relationship stuff) she giggled and stuff and didn't give me an answer and nothign really happened until our Year 11 Mocktails, my friends came up to me and told me I was being followed by her and so I just went to her and it was a great night, she also had a small bottle of vodka, at the end she came up to me and kissed me on the neck, i asked her out and she said she'd tell me tommorow. the next day she told me she wanted to concentrate on getting a good ATAR and graduation and her parents won't allow it but two months later i meet her boyfriend (been together just a bit before i asked her out) and it turns out she wanted to hide it from me.

What Happened?
I talked to him and we do the EXACT same things (cuddling, flirting e. g.) with her with the exception that he does sexual things with her, we were both incredibly angry at her and confronted her, he wanted the ENTIRE TRUTH of her involvement with boys past and present and I wanted to know why she replies with she didn't know she was doing it. my friends and I think thats bullshit and she hiding something because she wasn't looking at me when she said it. it was all fine until i found out there was more guys she hid from him and when i told him about it he didn't know what to do, and i feel gulty for it, he said he wanted to give her up for me but wanted to keep her and i felt the same but in the end he broke up and this conflict still goes on Do you think she's worth it?
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OH GOD NO, her boyfriends about to get hurt then, he told her they should break up until graduation and she said she'll remain single until then do you think she's gonna break this?
^ignore above


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  • She's not faithful and not someone to try and get with. Move on, there are plenty of nice girls out there.

    • I've been thinking that but Im afraid ill get shit from her friends and itll screw up my later chances

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    • That's strange... Unless he blanked and completely forgot, or got busy.

    • i think they did get 'busy' cause what else do teenagers do on Skype 2am in the morning?

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