Guys, why did my ex do this?

my ex has a new girlfriend and its really painful we dated for 6 months and broke up because it wasn't working out , but he told me he still loved me and ask for a 5 week break and maybe we could get back together, he talked to this girl during our relationship and helped her a lot with her relationship supporting her quite a lot she ended up breaking up with her boyfriend, a week later after our break up he asked out her out. it really hurts so much, i feel like i was nothing to him, that all along he wanted her and didn't love me im crying right now it hurts to much, i have to see them together at school all the time and were in the same friend group, it really is hard and i dont know how to handle it. i really cared and loved him.


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  • It was 6 months and you even say it wasn't working out. Be glad that your still not with him and focus on moving on. You're young, there will be plenty more guys that come along.


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