My ex blocked me on fb after a small but public fight?

My ex has not really talked to me in almost three months. The last time we talked, he told me he needed time to think because we had a huge fight two weeks before hand. We hugged twice our good byes and never heard from him again. I didn't think I would never hear from him again being he was talking about using my house for the center of his brewing business... I tried texting him one text a week after that until i gave up three weeks in. I could still see his comments on my friends post. (In fairness, I unfriended him after the huge fight and blocked him first because I have a bad temper... working on it.) I ignored his comments for the most part, trying not to start trouble because honestly I still do care about him. There was this one comment though that made me so mad that I just lost control of myself. He was having a self pity about how he self sabotage his relationshits (his words not mine)... all I simply did in my anger was agree with him with a simple "yup". He comments back about the opperative word being relationshits. My response was something along the lines of maybe you should work on that so it will stop happening. He then says he will stop this now so feels dont get hurt... he then deletes his original comment and blocks me. I was actually surprised he blocked me. Once I realized how immature I was in my heat of anger, I sent him a message where he has not blocked me apologizing for what I said on FB but at the same time the hurt I felt when he just dissappeared was not cool... and I felt he was a better person than trying to wallow in self pity. I don't want to get back with him and do want him to be happy... however, I do want for us to be truly friends... we were both going through a lot of stuff during our relationship that actually had nothing to do with each other but it just melted in and we got lost in it. Did he blocked me because I did hurt him or because he wants nothing more to do with me? I really do just want to be friends and I really have no intentions of trying to get back together...


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  • I think he just didn't want another public fight. He was already in self pity: someone actually confirming what he already thinks hurts quite badly

    • Just sucks that we dont talk anymore... I really do care about him and love him (as a brother) I just hate the way everything went down.

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    • Him blocking me just happen this past week... us breaking up happen three months ago.

    • Oh right, the comment thing. Sorry.

      Guess you have to give it some time then before trying to contact him again. He felt you were there just to cause another public fight and wasn't up for it. You made a bad figure to his eyes.

      Maybe give it another week, apologise again and ask how he's doing? or some caring question

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  • If you have no intentions of getting back together then give each other some serious space.

    It sounds like you both are frustrated with how things were in your relationship and now that you are not together you are taking jabs at each other for how the other person was wronged in the relationship.

    Instead of fighting, I would just give him some space. He should also give you some space.

    Keep yourself busy with friends and other things that will help you forget about it.

    Give yourself time to heal. I personally do not see the point in keeping the lines of communication open after a break up if it was a bad relationship.

    I'm not saying that you guys can't ever be friends. But it's not helping your friendship if you are taking jabs and making each other resent the other more.


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  • send him a message "fuck off", then move on. dont be friends, if you do that, you will hurt yourself more


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