I have a decision to make, any advice?

So my "boyfriend" of 3 years isn't doing a good job at calling me as much as he used to anymore so I basically stopped calling him for about three days.

Today he called and I told him that I was done and just tired of being stressed out over him and the constant arguing was horrible too.

He basically begged me to give it a second thought and started talking about how special I am to him.

I'm just about POSITIVE he's not cheating or anything like that and I'm deeply in love with him.

Any advice?


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  • He begged you, why if your doing your part of the relashionship but is he, I don't think so. He makes himself look like a fool here, because he's not even trying to get a hold of you, until your really upset about it. Hmmm, his behavior is strange, you should both really talk about it, but face to face with one another. Good luck ms, and take care there.


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  • So your boyfriend doesn't call you as much and you want to dump him after three years?

    This is the very definition of "high maintenance", in case any observers were wondering.


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  • wow! I was in the same situation, except our three year relationship is really complex and we've gone through a lot together. I explained to him that I'm not getting the affection I need to feel happy and comfortable with him and that he needs to change or at least compramise.

    I gave him a second chance. It's been 3 months since and he's gotten much better. I'd say yes give him a second chance - most people deserve one - and if he's taking your feelings seriously he will make an effort and should start calling and paying attention to you. If he doesn't, drop him. It will make you happier in the long run.


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