Guys, should I leave him for good or let him try fixing things with me?

So me & my ex boyfriend dated for a month & a half not so long iknow but we both have strong feelings for each other well at least i do , but anyway he really doesn't get mad at for anything & we had our first argument & broke up.. part of the reason why is Bc someone who i dont even know told me he was trying to get with this other girl & my stupid self believed it & i went off on him & he tried to fix it & all but then he got really mad & stopped talking to me for 2 days , i got so mad bc he wasn't putting effort into fixing things, so i texted him telling him to meet me up somewhere bc i was planning to fix things but he ignored my text message. So since we have the same p. e class i ended up calling him over & tried fixing things & i kept telling him if he's not happy in this relationship then just tell me or if he doesn't want to be with me no more , he kept saying " well if u want to keep going then yea its all up to u " i was like wtf no its not all up to me , then we ended uo fixing things but after that clas he went back to ignoring me so in the night i just broke up with him bc i told him i wasn't gonna put up with his bs , the next day which was today during lunch my friend tried to get us back together & my friend said that he was really mad & upset bc I didn't trust him that i just believed that girl.. & so i guess I understand why he was acting like a douchee bag towards me but still.. So he said he was gonna try to fix things with me & come over to my place & he gave me a long hug asking if i was okay.. My whole point is if I should get back with him or no? Or is he not worthy my time? I honestly like him a lot but he hurt me by ignoring me & being an asshole towards me , mainly bc after we broke up he acted like he didn't even care & the fact that if it weren't for my friend he probably wouldn't tried fixing things with me 😴


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  • Sorry dear but, I must agree with him in that it is all up to you. If you truly have the feeling that you speak of for him then go to him. Tell him that you're sorry for the mistrust you had and that you will be more understanding in the future and if someone says something that could upset the balance between the two of you, you will come to him with it.

    • Yeaa you're right , i did tell him that i was sorry bout it but what made me mad that after we talked it out he went back to treating me like shit , ignoring me & not talking to me.. So i got really mad bc i told him that i tried making things work & broke up with him. I think were gonna try to fix things again. you're right really right thank you sooo much

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